About Josh Corrigan

I’m an architectural photographer based in Charleston South Carolina.

I grew up on the campus of a small liberal arts school in central Ohio where I learned to appreciate scholarship, the arts and pizza. For me, photography began in the darkroom of my rural high school. I got my start taking pictures for my high school’s monthly magazine- but the opportunity to skip class for a local news story might have been my true motivation.

My love for streetscape photography was reborn upon moving to the Lowcountry. Charleston; equal parts, history, beauty and fun has been my muse, and it didn’t take long for me to return to my youthful passion- camera in hand. I am grateful that my love of photographing the outside of Charleston’s beautiful homes opened doors for me to document their interiors.

Having photographed hundreds of luxury homes from the beaches of Kiawah and Sullivan’s Island to the many 18th century estates “south of Broad,” I have developed something of an eye for the lowcountry.

My wife (Corinne,) daughter (Alice,) and I are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the Holy City with our lives and our work.